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Choosing your first guitar can be a fun but challenging experience for beginners. Although you may be eager to dive into music and start playing, a lot of thought should go into buying a guitar. The process shouldn’t consist of simply seeing one the sparks your attention and making your purchase. There are many aspects and features to consider in your choice. These are the ways on how to choose your first guitar:

Acoustic or Electric

When choosing a guitar, keep in mind the type of guitar you would like to play. This will either be acoustic or electric. If you are just learning how to play the guitar, it’s best to choose an acoustic. An acoustic guitar is great for beginners and is easier to learn on than electric. When choosing an acoustic, you can choose between the classic and quiet nylon-stringed acoustic or the louder steel-stringed acoustic. An electric guitar is still an option for beginners if you know that’s what you truly want to play, but it will be tougher.

Looking at Style

There are many variations between shapes and styles of guitars. When looking at style, choose what appeals most to you. Look between the colors and shapes, keeping the focus on what you really like. There aren’t many styles to choose from with acoustic guitars, some with cutaways and some without, but they come in different sizes which will affect the sound of the instrument. For example, dreadnought style acoustics have a loud tone when played, but are usually too big for smaller players. Parlor style guitars, on the other hand, are thinner and can be handled by smaller players.

Consider the Price

Although you may have fallen in love with a certain guitar, it could be out of your price range. Before looking too much at guitars, be sure to know your price limit. By determining how much you are willing to spend ahead of time, you pose less risk for falling in love with a guitar you cannot afford. For a beginner’s guitar, it’s important not to spend too much. Once you play more and grow a passion for the instrument, then spend a little extra for the style you are really wanting. 


Once you’ve found the guitar you like and have given it a few strums, consider some of the accessories you will need. Many beginners will need to buy a guitar strap and guitar pick. If you’ve purchased an electric guitar, you’ll also want to purchase an amplifier and cables. Other accessories are completely optional and up to you. 

When choosing your first guitar, consider these steps and you’ll find the perfect instrument to get you started.