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The right guitar isn’t about fads or trends. It’s about what you can handle and the sound you want. 2019 gives us a few new guitars from the top luthiers and factories around the world. You need the right understanding before buying one, so consider the following if you want to make a final choice for 2019:

*Your General Skills

Start with a beginner’s package if you’re a beginner. It’s best to know how to use everything you pay for—before paying for it.

*Your Time and Passion

If this isn’t an investment into a paying music career, then wait until your fame kicks in before paying top dollar.

*Your Pocketbook

Lastly, if you don’t have the money, don’t go into debt to pay for a single guitar. Similarly, if it’s truly worth it, take the time to save up enough money.

Gibson’s Les Paul

The Les Paul has been updated for 2019. It retains its classic name due to its solid, compact body. The consistency of its tone, binding and action are historically set. This 2019 model relies on a maple top and a mahogany body. The fingerboard is set as a stripe of delicate rosewood. This type of wood improves in tone over time. The season’s “seafoam green” is made from a solid piece of maple that’s split in half to expose a fantastic woodgrain.

PRS’s SE 277

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) created a semi-hollow version of its SE 277 for 2019. It uses a custom selection of soapbar humbuckers—as inspired by Gibson’s P-90 coils. They work to extract more from the treble and bass electronics. The pickups are positioned where they peak the acoustics of this hollow body. The guitar is shipped in vintage sunburst with signature bird inlays, 22 frets, a flame-maple veneer, and a chambered f-hole.

Ibanez’s RGA/RGD

The Axion works with low string action. Good, low action results in a sensitive feel that works with the signature electronics of Ibanez. Walnut, panga panga and nyatoh are the woods used for the guitar’s body. Nyatoh is unique due to its natural pink to purple hue. Its grain is often found with sap deposits in it that can help with tone.