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Music is a beautiful form of expression and a great passion for many people. When someone has a love for music, they often want to make some of their own. Playing music can be just as enjoyable as listening to it. Deciding what instrument to play can have a lot to do with what appeals to the person, but it’s important to follow these tips when choosing what your first instrument will be:

String Instruments

Some of the most beautiful instruments in an orchestra are the string instruments. The classic string instruments are the violin, viola, cello, guitar, and double bass. These kinds of instruments take a lot of time and precision to learn to play. This is why it’s important to take up these instruments as a child to learn how to master it. It takes a lot of trained coordination to learn these difficult instruments. It’s also good to know string instruments like violin, cello, and viola are more often used in classical music, so a love for this genre is important. 

Woodwind Instruments

More instruments often found in the classical genre are the woodwinds. These include the flute, obe, clarinet, and bassoon. Wind instruments create a variety of different sounds that bring melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic roles in the orchestra. Much like the classical string instruments, woodwinds are better to take up at a certain age. Musicians 11 years old and up would benefit from learning instruments such as the oboe and the clarinet because it is important that their adult front teeth are well-formed and that they have big enough hands to handle the instrument. 

Percussion Instruments

To bring a heavy beat to every type of music out there, the percussions are a vital piece. Percussion instruments are the drums and they make a lot of noise. This is a fun instrument to take on and pretty easy to learn overall. The drums can be found in everything from orchestras to rock bands. It’s a great instrument for energic people to learn and can even be a great way to exercise depending on the genre. It’s also been found that drums help children dealing with autism. A great age for students to start learning is around 6 years old.

When choosing your first instrument, it’s important to know yourself. If you have excellent coordination then strings could be for you. If you are a fan of noise and need a great outlet for your energy, drums are a viable option. After you think about what draws you to music, finding and learning to play your first instrument will be a great experience